Red Valet Podium - 100 Key Slot

Red Valet Podium - 100 Key Slot

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The Parkoworld Red 100 key slot valet parking podium is the Most Unique valet parking podium on the market. We envisioned an Easy to use , smart and beautifully designed valet parking podium that would organize and streamline the flow of the average valet parking attendants job. 100 Individual key slots large enough for Multiple key sets. Made to last long years in harsh conditions. Built with a full steel body powder coated to resist scratches and dents. The Stainless steel counter top provides a clean and beautiful look. Aluminum drawers and handles are perfect for rainy and harsh weather days as Aluminum is rust proof. The military grade locking system locks all 5 drawers at the same time by using the rail locking system, that can withhold even the toughest robbers. The key slots have a independent cover with scratch resistant numbers printed on both sides for easy visibility. The Parkoworld valet podiums are designed to organize and safe keep all the keys as they are not all visible when trying to just retrieve one key. Rust resistant handles are installed full length for ease of use. There is additional storage at the bottom of the parkoworld valet parking podium for storing uniforms, tickets, LED lights and battery packs. This valet parking podium has 2 wheels with two handles for maximum comfort during a tilt and roll movement. Integrated tip slot makes it easy for valet runners to deposit tips into a locked cash drawer. Integrated full length umbrella post goes all the way down with a rain drain and a tightening screw to hold the umbrella post in place for harsh and windy weather. The Stainless steel counter top is meant to out last rust and corrosion. High top walls around the stainless steel counter top makes it easy to store tickets and, electronic devices for temporary use.This podium includes 4 unique Laser cut Keys. This Valet podium can be equipped with lighting, umbrellas, signage and much more.


  • 19" Wide X 19" Deep X 47.5" High
  • 2.4" heavy duty wheels
  • Tilt and move, 2 built in handles
  • 5 drawers, 1 cash drawer, 4 key slot drawers.
  • 100 Key slots.
  • Podium includes 4 keys.
  • Steel body scratch resistant powder coated.
  • Aluminium drawers for rust and corrosion prevention.
  • Full length handles for ease of use.
  • Printed numbers on both sides of the key flaps.
  • Built in Umbrella holder with rain drain.
  • Stainless steel counter top.
  • 5 inch wall around the counter top.
  • Hinged flaps.
  • Rail locking system .
  • Removable key slots.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Key Capacity 100

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great color and use.
The red color of this valet podium is amazing we get lots of attention and that goes hand in hand with more cars and more income. the valet podium is made well and its very easy to use and just makes things run faster.
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