Valet Podiums

The Parkoworld Valet Podiums are the most Unique, secure and easy to use valet parking podiums on the market. They are game changing and modern. Revolutionary way to store keys during your valet parking operation. No more crouching down or bending over for keys. They are built tough using steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Large printed numbers on both sides of the key flaps helps quickly identify the required key slot. Aluminum and stainless steel drawers handles to prevent corrosion and rust due to wet keys, wet hands and rain. Single military grade rail locks will lock all 5 drawers for a quick operation. Cash drawer is integrated with a tip slot. Edge to edge drawer handles design for ease of use. The Parkoworld Valet Podiums have an additional storage space in the bottom cabinet. Podiums are covered with extra protection by powder coat to resist scratches, dents and corrosion.